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Every design is a new adventure! I love going into a space and seeing the potential of it! I know that working with the owner or seller to dive into their lifestyle, dreams, and wishes of the space...that's when the magic will happen!

Stephanie Breckbill - Owner/Designer

I love taking some of the stress away from home sellers...

Selling a home and moving is a very stressful time. I can take some of that stress away by consulting with the homeowner and telling them exactly what needs to be done to get the best price on their home in the least amount of time. I help homeowners detach so we can create a space that buyers will love. I provide peace of mind for sellers so they can focus their time and energy on other things.

I have a strange mix of math brain and a creative side, so staging is the perfect career for me. The math brain obviously helps with the finance side of business, but it also provides me with problem solving skills and helps me focus on solutions. It's the reason I love occupied staging so much. It's like a puzzle getting all the furniture and accessories placed correctly for marketing the home. It's a fun challenge for me!

Creating a business where I could do what I love is a dream come true! I knew I wanted to keep it simple, that's sort of been my mantra for years. When I learned that I could have a staging business with no warehouse and no inventory, I knew it was perfect! So I work with home sellers and realtors doing occupied staging consultations. I follow an 8-step design process for each room that ensures maximum return on investment for every staging dollar spent. The homeowner leaves the consultation with a homework report so they know exactly what needs to be done before the home goes on the market. They can do it all themselves, or have me come back to help. They also get tips on how to prep for showings, a shopping list, if necessary, and much more.

I am a Certified Professional Stager, belong to multiple staging trade associations, served as the 2020 and 2021 Treasurer for the Denver Metro Chapter of RESA (Real Estate Staging Association), 2022 Recipient of the Top 100 Most Influential in the Home Staging Industry in the US and Canada, and a RESA Approved  Instructor. (Which means I'm able to offer their CE Course in Colorado!)

I love helping homeowners and realtors sell their homes quickly for top dollar while taking some of the stress away from them!

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