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Add Style to Your Front Porch!

staged front porch

Does your front porch need a refreshing redesign? Or are you staging to welcome in buyers? Either way, if your space looks great, you'll enjoy your time there even more. I'm a simple girl and love a simple look, enough stuff to be warm and inviting, but not cluttered.

The front door is usually your focal point, so it's the best place to start. A new paint job does wonders! Also make sure your light fixture and doorbell look great. A fresh wreath or door mat will complete the look.

A place to sit is a must! It invites you to hang out and enjoy the space. Arrange furniture to encourage conversation and have a table so you can set down your drink!

If you need privacy, a lattice with plants growing is a great solution! You get greenery and you don't have to see the neighbors! A simple curtain works amazing too.

Front porches just scream for plants! Set a nice big pot by the front door and a few more in a corner, if you have the space. Hanging baskets are great too! Vary your plants and the containers to create some visual interest.

Bring it all together with some colorful accessories. Lanterns or lights are a great way to welcome guests. Add an outdoor rug to ground everything and make it feel nice and cozy. Add some accent pillows for softness and color. And finally, grab something fun to hang on the wall. It could be a metal piece, an initial, or just a fun find.

Whatever you do, make it a space where you love to be, and the warmth will translate to your guests.

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