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Give your home office a little love!

navy blue home office

Whether staging to sell or redesigning to stay, now is a great time to freshen up your home office! 2020 was all about makeshift spaces and just making things work temporarily. Here we are in 2021 and many of you are embracing the work from home life and your office may need a little attention. A few things to consider:

Declutter. It’s hard to keep tidy when you’re working, but take a few minutes at the end of each day to declutter and keep your space looking great. Your office will feel bigger and brighter, and you’ll enjoy your time there a little more. And remember, less is more. Have a few favorite accessories and a photo or two, but don’t overwhelm the space with too many accessories.

Lighting. New lighting can change the whole feeling of a space! Imagine picking out an amazing light fixture and feeling joy every time you see it! Layer your lighting too. You’ll want to have a statement piece overhead and add in some great lamps as well. Stick with warm bulbs because they’re a little easier on your eyes and will allow for a comfortable workday.

Color. A little color goes a long way! Neutral paint with colorful accessories is the best option if you like to change things up fairly often, but don’t be afraid of a bold accent wall either.

Check out some of my favorite office essentials here.

(This is an affiliate link. I may make a small percentage of your purchase.)

Home Office Design Trends

Living Spaces surveyed 217 consumers to learn more about their work-from-home preferences. Some highlights they found:

  • Most popular design style in the home office: modern, followed by industrial

  • Most popular home décor item in the home office: Wall art, followed by plants

  • Most preferred paint color for the home office: Neutrals, followed by cooler tones

  • Favorite office desk style: Pedestal desk, followed by an executive desk

  • Favorite office chair style: Adjustable office chair, followed by office chair with casters

  • Favorite bookcase style in home office: Wood, followed by etagere

  • Most popular spot for a home office: A dedicated home office space in the home, followed by guest bedroom or living room

For even more tips on creating a dream office space, check out this blog post.

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