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Lessons learned as a home stager

staged living room

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I am still a student. A student to the real estate industry, a student to business ownership, and a student to the vastness of my opportunities; so it’s a good thing that I love to learn. After deciding that staging was the course I wanted to take, I jumped in and have been learning all kinds of amazing things ever since! Here are my top 4. I don’t need a warehouse full of furniture to make a big difference. I really wasn’t sure about this at first. Could I really make a home more beautiful without bringing in furniture and accessories? But I learned quickly that staging is more about placement and quantity than furniture style and age. There’s no reason to shell out a ton of money when you already have a house full of furniture! Staging can be affordable and still very effective. Don’t be the cheapest. I learned early on that being the cheapest doesn’t help anyone. It devalues the whole staging industry, including those of us who are certified pros. I paid good money for my education and should be compensated for it. My rates reflect my years of education, experience, and talent, not just the 90-120 minutes I spend in a home. Yes, there are cheaper stagers, but what is the quality you get for the lower price? Accept that homeowners won’t complete all of my recommendations. I remember my first consultation and my excitement waiting for the photos. Would the homeowner do the things I told them to? Would the home look better because of my recommendations? When I saw the photos, I was so excited that they had done just about everything I suggested! The home looked beautiful! Fast forward to many more consultations, that is not always the case. Sometimes the homeowners only do a few of my recommendations. Oh well, I can’t force them to do anything, but I can explain why I suggest the things I suggest and educate them on the process. Some changes are much more important than others and I stress that those are the things that should definitely get done. I meet them where they are and know that it will look better than when I got there. I can help families nationwide! This is definitely not something I saw when I started my business, I thought I would just be local to the Parker, CO area. Thanks to video chat, you don’t have to be in my area to take advantage of my services. I can partner with agents and homeowners across the country. This has been such a fun element to explore and grow! I love getting photos from homeowners and having time to contemplate possible changes. Occupied staging is here to stay! Every home can benefit from a staging consultation. There’s no price range where it doesn’t work and no price range that doesn’t want more money! There’s a big misconception that staging is expensive and only useful for luxury homes, and that is just not the case. I love creating beautiful spaces and I love the challenge of using the furniture and accessories the homeowners already have. Want to learn more? Follow me on facebook and instagram @slbdesignco for tips, info, and inspiration. Click here follow me on Facebook. Click here to follow me on Instagram.

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