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Refreshing bathroom redesign!

sw silvermist bathroom

Tackling a weekend project is usually a lot of work, but the payoff is amazing! This refresh started back in March when I tackled the mold on the ceiling. For many years, this bathroom has been used without a working fan for the daily showers of tween, teens, and early twenty-somethings. I cleaned the mold a year or two ago, but we never painted and never fixed the fan. So this time, we wanted to do it right! I don't really want to scrub mold again!

moldy bathroom ceiling

Day 1 - I knew we needed a good primer, so with the help of the awesome Lowe's paint lady, I chose Kilz Premium because of the mildew resistance and stain coverage. I tackled the ceiling and a bit of the walls around the shower. Ceilings are hard to paint y'all! That was enough for day 1. Plus, the primer needed to dry before we could paint. Oh, and hubby fixed the fan!

man painting bathroom

Day 2 - Since I primed the ceiling, I recruited hubby to paint it while I taped off the rest of the space. I like's kind of therapeutic! I had originally planned on using SW Sea Salt on the walls, but after seeing the giant sample for a couple of days, I thought we might need something a little darker. Silvermist jumped out at me when we went to buy the paint, so I went for it!

sw albaster beadboard

Day 3 - Time to cover the beadboard!! We redesigned this bathroom 15 years or so ago. It originally had forest green carpet, a weird step around the tub, and 4" square bath tiles all around the toilet. When we ripped the tiles off the wall, there was a lot of damage to the drywall, so our solution was to cover it with beadboard! And it worked great, and looked good for many years, but it has water spots and is definitely ready for a fresh coat of white paint. I chose SW Alabaster to go with the Silvermist, and I gotta say, I love it! It took 2 coats and a lot of time on those edges, but it was worth it!

shelf above toilet

Day 4 - Finishing touches! I fell in love with this shelf and knew I had to have it!! It was a great find on Amazon! (You can shop for it and all my other home staging favorites at the affiliate link below.) I shopped my boxes of staging accessories for fun stuff to add to the shelves. I finished with a trip to Home Goods for a plant and the word art. I love how it turned out!!

redesigned bathroom sw silvermist and alabaster

redesigned bathroom sw silvermist and alabaster

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