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Use What You Have: Denver Occupied Staging Consultation

Home staging helps buyers see the best in a home. It worked, this home was under contract after the first weekend of showings! And we only used the furniture and accessories the homeowner already had. Effective and affordable!

This beautiful home was brought to me by Jesse Youmans of The Awaka Group at Keller Williams. Jesse and his team know that staged homes sell for more money in a shorter amount of time. They don't want to leave any money on the table for their sellers, so they include a staging consultation as part of their listing services.

This home has lots of updates, and staging will help buyers feel at home and be able to see themselves living there.

The biggest problem was this odd hall/walkthrough/storage area. It didn't really have a purpose and would be confusing for buyers.

So we turned it into a dining room! And I loved the feedback from the real estate agent, "You are so awesome, Stephanie! I was dumbfounded with how to create purpose in that room."

The other changes in this home weren't as dramatic, but the small changes and added details really made it feel warm and inviting. We used the furniture and accessories the homeowner already had, so they didn't have any extra expenses. Most of us have enough stuff, it's just a matter of editing out the pieces that are not necessary when selling.

In the living room, we opted for no rug, to show off those beautiful hardwood floors, and we added a larger piece of art that filled the space better. A few other small details completed the look.

In the kitchen, we cleared the clutter and added some intentional items back in.

Not much to do in the main bedroom, but tidy up the bed. These photos are also a great example of why professional photography is so important. The lighter, brighter photo will grab your eye on the MLS!

This is a great little laundry room, but felt tight and cluttered. We wanted to showcase those great shelves, so we left a few items so buyers can see how they'll use them.

And who could resist this beautiful back patio space?

These homeowners worked hard getting their home ready to sell. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and stressed because they weren't sure what to do, they had a complete plan and recommendations for making each room look it's best. The staging consultation gave them all the information they needed to complete the process themselves. I'd love to help you get your home ready to sell! Check out my services page or give me a call!

Stephanie Breckbill


After photos courtesy of The Awaka Group at Keller Williams. Photographer unknown.

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